Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Our Story" Part One

In honor of Pastor Appreciation (I LOVE my Pastor-Hubby), and to share with our children, I've decided to share "Our Story".  Here is the First Part...Enjoy!!

I quietly peeked at you through your partly closed office door and smiled.  I really didn't need to look...because I knew what you were doing. But I just couldn't help myself.  

It’s your daily routine, yet so much more than that.  

It’s like breathing to you.  Wake up, go in office, pray. 

It's what I desired and prayed for as a single, young lady. A husband, that is filled with godly character, spiritual wisdom, and integrity. 

God has been so good to me.

May 2005 ~ 3 months after we began "Dating"
(with the intention of getting married)

Once again, I whisper the prayer of my heart, the same one I do every time I peek.
       "Father, thank you for this man of God you've given me to love and honor.  He loves you above anyone or anything.  Thank you that he seeks You First. In doing that, he is able to love me the way Christ loves me.  I am so blessed to be his wife and the mother of his children..."

I back away, carefully, trying hard not to disturb you.  As I start the coffee and get the baby's bottle ready,  
I can't help but smile as I remember...

I remember back (has it really been that long ago?) to before we "dated" (with the intention to marry)...

...We sat on a few couches in the middle of a Christian Book Store.  Praise music played in the background.  It was nearing the Christmas season, and the fragrant smells of cinnamon, peppermint, and greenery mixed harmoniously together.  I nervously blew at the hot coffee I was holding with both hands (trying to give my hands something to do, I am a terrible fidgeter, yet, you love me anyways!).  I glanced over my steaming cup and caught your eye.  You smiled and continued telling me about a Christian musician you liked.

I smiled back, thankful,  I was the only one who could hear my pounding heart. Silently, I prayed, "Is this him, Father?  Is this the one you have for me to love and spend my life with?”

You suggested walking over to the small cafĂ© nearby.  We gathered our things and bundled up, and walked the short distance.   Lights carefully hung from trees glowed, soft Christmas music played, and enticing sweet smells beckoned us to come in and stay for awhile.  

After filling our bellies with a blueberry muffin and more coffee, we sat back, and talked and laughed.  And laughed and talked. 

It wasn't long you received a call on your cell phone.  It was the guy who worked over at the Christian Book Store we had just left, and he wondered  if your “friend” that was with you had left her cell phone at the store (this seems to be a trend with me).  I look in my purse and then nodded. Yes, yes, it was me. 

We walked back to the Christian Book store and picked my cell phone up.  It was getting late and time to leave each other’s company.  You walked me to my car; and then you asked me something that I will never forget.  You told me later that this was the “pivotal” moment in pursuing a relationship (no pressure!).

Thanksgiving 2005~One Month before we were engaged!

“I was wondering,” you began, “can you share with me your testimony, and where you are in your walk with Christ?” 

I was taken aback (in a good way).  Wow. No one had cared so deeply before to ask me that.

I shared with you what God had done in my life, how He loved me despite me. I also shared with you how I desired for God to use me in some type of ministry within a local church (I had no idea what was in store!) and that I desired to finish school at Southeastern College soon.  

I asked you to share with me your testimony.

You smiled, and my stomach flipped-flopped, as you shared what God has been doing in your life. 

We parted ways and drove off in different directions.   "Use him mightily, God," I prayed,  "To further Your Gospel.  And if it's your will…may I be the one to walk that path with him."  

My phone buzzed and I look down.  It was you, checking to see how my drive was so far...  

Stay Tuned for Part 2....

It was youth night at church, and we were both volunteering. You asked me if you could talk privately with me.  I said sure, and you led me to a Sunday School room in the other building.  

"I've enjoyed getting to know you and I believe you to be a mature woman in Christ.  And I think you know, I am attracted to you..." 

I fidget with the scarf around my neck, trying to keep calm. 

"How would you feel about entering a relationship with me?"

This is what I had been waiting to hear! My prayers are being answered!  Hallelujah!

I opened my mouth to reply, "Well, I can't say yes...but I can't say no either."  

Confused, you turn and look at me waiting for me to explain.

Why did I say that, I thought, that's not what I meant to say...or was it?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To the Fatherless on Father's Day

I've enjoyed scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed and reading the great tributes to all dads out there! I can echo many (and have) that I have been blessed by God in having a godly father. 

 As a tribute to my godly husband and our fathers, I made this collage! I kept scrolling down, my mind wondered toward the many who grew up with no father, or maybe a father who was in and out of their lives frequently.  Or perhaps their father was in their homes, but you wouldn't know it, because he was always gone or preoccupied with work and social activities.  Maybe he went to church but his lifestyle at home was complete opposite what he was "Amen-ing" on Sunday mornings....

No earthly father is perfect, but if you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, you have a Holy/Heavenly  Father who loves you WITHOUT conditions (unconditionally).  

Psalm 68:5 "A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation."


Friday, May 10, 2013

How It ALL Began...

I have been thinking for awhile about sharing How It ALL Began....How my hubby became a Senior Pastor.  So, when I saw a post on a Preacher's Wife Group asking all to share our stories.  I jumped at the chance to write it out! Here's what I wrote!

My Beloved was a youth minister when we began "dating with the intention to marry".  We were married in 2007

How it ALL Began...We had taken our youth on a mission trip to Nashville, and I met a sweet woman who asked if we knew of a Pastor who was looking for a church. We shook our heads "no". Before we parted ways, I asked that sweet woman to write down her address and any prayer requests I could lift up to the Lord. It wasn't until we got home that I read her request: "Pray that the Lord would send us a Pastor, this would be a good FIRST church for him and his family." We had been married for 11 months, I was pregnant with our first, when we accepted God's calling for my husband to become Senior Pastor of that sweet woman's church. I was 23 years old when I became a Pastor's Wife! TWENTY THREE! I realized then I had a LOT of spiritual growing up to do! I struggled with being so much younger than everyone, feeling inadequate of being the "Pastor's Wife", not knowing what in the world I was doing. Not too mention, out of the first 22 months we were there, I was pregnant 17 of them (had 2 babies there)! I am thankful to God for that time. God taught me some very important truths in my "young age": 1) We are to please God alone (not man and/or woman) Gal. 1:10 2) Commit yourself to only a few things and do them well. Do not stretch yourself to do things because you are asked to. Or because you see a need and no one else will meet it. We are ALL in different seasons of life. Some of us are still raising children. Our first calling is to be a godly wife and a mother. Much suffering has taken place due to over commitments. 3) We are to nourish our relationship with GOD First. Submit and strive to be a godly, loving wife Second. Nurture and Train our children in Lord Third. Be keepers of our home Fourth. And then, add in whatever ministry opportunities time allows. This does not mean we "forsake" our calling as Pastor Wives, but that we have accept God's Will, and seek all opportunities to be an encouragement to our church families. Our lives are on display. And I rather my life depict glorifying God, than my calendar and life be full of stress because I am trying to please someone, have over committed myself, not spending time becoming a student of God's Word, or a helpmate to my husband, and not training/loving my children. It's been almost 3 1/2 years since we left that sweet lady's church, and accepted God's call to another church where we are blessed with a loving church family. We are pregnant with our Third! I am 30 years old now! Still feel too young sometimes, inadequate for the task of this calling. So, I keep my head in my Bible, because I want to be a student of God's Word and know HIM and make HIM known! I keep my knees to the ground, because there is NOTHING good in ME except for Jesus, and I want HIS love to abound more and more in me and through me. And I keep my life focused on Him! Because I would rather be in God's will than anywhere else! God bless you Ladies! From another inadequate, striving to be more like Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Jessica S. ;o)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dusting out the cobwebs

Have you checked out The Modest Mom Blog yet this month?  

I am so excited to be following along!

Check out her website to get great tips and encouragement!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It’s as if Jesus is saying, “Oh look Daddy, isn’t she beautiful?

***This was taken and adapted from my journal entry last August (2012)***

Recently, our little family of 4, along with our parents, took a week long beach trip.  Our trip was full of laughter, many memorable moments, and just plain old fun.  Even with all the activities and new places we visited each day, we enjoyed our walks along the beach the most.  In fact, there was one evening that will forever be imprinted on my heart.

After building a sand castle and jumping ocean waves with grandparents, our four year old daughter Abigail, declared it time to search for the “perfect seashells”.  With her trusty pink bucket in hand; she set off with both grandmothers and me, while the grandfathers, my husband and our 3 year old son splashed around.  As we combed the beach, with eyes peeled to the ground, I heard Abigail oohing and awing over something she was holding.  Curious, I walked closer to her to get a good look at her latest find.  “Oh Mommy, look it’s beautiful,” she said as she gently placed her new treasure in my hand.  Surprised, I looked down at the broken piece of a clam shell, with more missing than was actually there.  But before I could say anything, she quickly yet carefully removed the clam shell from my hand and placed it on top of her other shells. 

“Honey, can I see your other seashells?” I asked.  “Sure Mommy,” she said as she held out her collection.  I peered down and looked inside the pink bucket.   “Aren’t they beautiful treasures Mommy? I love them.” Abigail’s voice began to trail off as she had already set her sights on another shell. 

Every single shell she had picked up was broken, I thought to myself.  How does she think they are beautiful when they are just in pieces?  And then, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind a convicting thought.  Most would have noticed the imperfections of these shells and passed on by without another glance.  But not Abigail; she seemed to treasure every fragment piece of broken shell.  What most would have seen as worthless, she saw as priceless.  Treasures from the ocean, waiting for the right one to come along and see their worth. 

With salty tears forming in my eyes, I bowed my head in prayer.  “Lord, I am treasured by You, my Creator.  I am broken and feel so useless to You sometimes.  Yet, I have a relationship with You to nurture and grow in, a husband to love and submit to, and 2 blessings (children) to train in Your ways. Please use this broken vessel to do Your will. Thank you for the reminder, Lord, that you see beauty in brokenness.”

Some of us are broken, dirty, deemed by the world (and sometimes the Church) as worthless.  No hope of ever feeling loved or treasured.  Yet there is One, who says we are priceless. One that was willing to pay the ultimate cost.  Just to prove it, He did the unimaginable, the unthinkable.  He gave up His great treasure, His Son.   And when God sees me, an imperfect, broken, sin-filled and selfish person; He doesn’t see my brokenness, my shattered pieces or uselessness.  He sees Jesus, who is interceding on my behalf.  It’s as if Jesus is saying, “Oh look Daddy, isn’t she beautiful?  Your Mercy has healed her.  Your Grace has restored her.  Your sacrifice has made her beautiful, and she is Your treasure to use as You will.”  

Thank you Father for sacrificing.
Thank you Jesus for obeying.
Thank you Holy Spirit for convicting. 

**I welcome your kind comments, prayer needs, and encouragement**

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have so much to share!! And will share soon!! 

Also, thank you "R" for your comment!  I am still figuring out how to post comments. And I have tried thus far without success.  I will be posting a comment in my next post! Thanks again and praying for your ministry:o)

God Bless,